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whether you are aware of, and whether you can accept, Internet marketing is always around the past a hom. The big trend of the environment so, small and medium companies marketing transformation is even more so, Ma said, today is not e-commerce, the future of no business can be gradually become a reality. If we understand the broad sense of e-commerce, online shopping online shopping is not so narrow, its essence is the network marketing. Now that the situation is irreversible, and now the economic environment is not optimistic, enterprise how to start marketing on the Internet, gorgeous? Today, we might as well from the two ways of developing network marketing in common, and project outsourcing team built for comparison analysis, may give in the transformation of enterprise marketing is planning some enlightenment.


experience than

for market competition, experience is wealth, time is opportunity. Take some time and experience accumulation, network marketing of actual combat experience, can effectively reduce the number of trial and error to reduce the marketing risk of transformation. In general, such as pilot Bo king such combat network marketing company, due to the accumulation of years of project experience, have experience in network marketing skills, far from the enterprise itself can be matched by hiring. However, each industry, each company has its own characteristics, skilled approach only combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, a reasonable analysis of the planning of the launch, the effect can be the ultimate show. Only by combining the characteristics of experience, the organic combination can complement each other.


than resource

even if it is not engaged in the professional network marketing, but also can simply say a simple category. For example, we all know that we can shape the word of mouth through soft, Q & A, we all know that through WeChat, today’s headlines for big data advertising, but I do not know how to implement landing. There are lack of experience, there is a lack of channel resources. Compared with the company’s self marketing team, the integration of resources, professional network marketing company is the absolute victory. Of course, the general public enterprises to carry out marketing, but also have their own advantages of resources, but to integrate with the outsourcing project efforts.


than team

a lot of people think that the network marketing is very simple, is not in the online hair post do advertising? If so, professional network marketing company really does not exist the necessary and possible. From the data collection, planning and analysis, to the program development, design and production, and media, etc., and then small projects also need planning, copywriting, design and implementation of the media, such as five or six people. In fact, the most perfect self marketing team, the implementation of the most outstanding marketing Putian Department of all kinds of hospitals, but this is far from ordinary companies can, and need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources. In fact, network marketing is not an outsourcing project independently, such as some promotional copy, still need to be involved with writing partner.


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