nvestors actively sell 24 coupons F group or will be received

news October 24th, 24 coupons had its investors began to put up the shutters, active operation, to sell the assets at a loss, and the Tencent investment youandnet Technology (F group and high friend combined company) are likely to become disk access.

October 24th, according to the net technology to Sohu IT CEO lin ning disclosed that before 24 announced the closure of 24 coupons coupons, investors Malaysia success group had talks with Groupon over the sale, then Groupon will be successfully introduced to youandnet technology group. And after the 24 bonds closed, its investors began to conduct more positive contact with Lin ning.

"we do make contact with the 24 bond investment, is still in the stage of information, has not talked about the price. As far as I know, its investors are only in contact with us. As far as we are concerned, the talent and business resources of 24 coupons or valuable, and I have had prior experience in mergers and acquisitions, therefore, mergers and acquisitions of 24 coupons is also a valuable program." Lin Ning said.

had 24 tickets management team has said publicly that the cause of sudden suspension of operation of 24 coupons is investors took a $2 million 400 thousand investment, and does not agree to a new round of financing terms, resulting in the company operation in trouble. Encountered 24 management accused precisely this degree of contact with Lin Malaysia success group.

talked about whether the investment side and the management team will affect the contradiction between M & A, Lin said: I believe that there is no eternal contradiction between investors and entrepreneurs."

and for investors who want to know whether to sell 24 tickets, Sohu IT call the 24 coupons CEO Du Yinan, whose phone has been no answer.

in June 26th this year, has received huge investment Tencent F group and mark the completion of the merger and reorganization, the two sides have set up a new company, F group CEO lin ning as the new company CEO. The initial shareholders of Tencent, Groupon, Peng Yunfeng fund also participated in the new company. In August this year, F Group officially changed to "Beijing Wangluo Life Science & Technology Co Ltd, F group and high friend two platforms are included, English GROUPNET of the new company, and released the new LOGO.

at present, this new company’s flagship "Gaopeng" name, and has been in the QQ shortly before the group purchase business into a comprehensive.

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