f WeChat subscription number and service number combination can enhance the user experience



subscription number and service number with news of the long-standing debate about that, there are two voices, one is that this is WeChat purifying another manifestation of the user experience, the other is that it is a fatal blow to open service number of users. And whether this is Tencent official test "public" or is this:

first analysis of WeChat if you want to merge the service number and subscription number, what are the possible reasons?

I believe that there are two main reasons:

first, the public account has become the Red Sea, a serious impact on the user experience


in the content, plagiarism, plagiarism, infringement of the phenomenon is more and more serious;

in terms of quantity, according to incomplete statistics, the number of users of the WeChat public number has reached about 10000000, and this figure is also growing at a rate of thousands per day;

in the user experience, with more and more public concern users, chat messages for each subscription number, service number, WeChat group, friends like waterfall show, for people with obsessive compulsive disorder, bad experience.

second, WeChat intends to support subscription number

from the subscription number as part of the comment function to "issued by the original logo, from the beta to a reward to the government, allowing the certified media subscription number for WeChat to pay, all WeChat shows in the subscription number on the" well intentioned". The author in this bold guess, with the media continued to decline, the reading habits of mobile users, and is highly dependent on WeChat, WeChat may become the future output of a powerful UGC+PGC platform. The rise of subscription number will cause a huge impact on the traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, subscription number will appear on "copyright + advertising (wide open, the inside pages of pictures) + (royalties reprint, reward) + series of micro ecological evolution". While the service number, WeChat does not move much.

we are not concerned about the merger of the problem, but what will happen after the merger, WeChat’s approach is wise

stand on the user’s point of view of the subscription number and service number of the merger, I talk about their views.

first, the service number will significantly reduce the opening rate of

merged into the same entrance, regardless of the rate of open or reading will be significantly reduced. Conservative estimates, the number of reading service number will be reduced by at least 1/3. According to Ai Rui, the 2015 WeChat public number media value research report shows that about 47.8% of the number of people concerned about the number of users in the WeChat focus on the 6 ~ 15. That is, before the subscription number and service number is not combined with the opening rate of 50%, accounting for about 17% ~ ~ ~ after the merger of about 7%. In the absence of brand loyalty, the number of public subscription, the more open the smaller the probability.


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