Junk entertainment website 8 months to do 30 thousand P

This website belongs to entertainment website,

may be a lot of friends all know this station. So far, the station immediately to one year old. Now, IP3 million.

1, as we all know, individual owners are generally alone, if do some updates large amount of stations is not enough. Once a few days owners because of personal problems, or in a bad mood, there is no update, will cause a huge loss of website traffic. (this is why a Hao123 success the). Other successful personal webmaster, like behind, don’t spend too much time webmaster site management. In short, network TV is the same, looking for high quality TV data selection, find new and so on, these updates are not.

2, because the site does not need to spend too much time in the content, get a lot of time to promote, the station took a month to complete the planning and production site, then spent two months in the same promotion, promotion methods and everyone, is nothing more than to go to the forum some of the recommended posts, grab the sofa. But there are a lot of skill. And many of them are Jiajing, ha ha, my hair was also add advertising posts.There are a lot of traffic and

3, there is a reason why the network is a television entertainment site, this type of station to do a certain amount of traffic, it is easy to pull advertising, it is easy to achieve profitability, which we should know

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