Google spend 50 million to encourage SMEs to try to search marketing

Liu Yun at the conference site

        September 7th afternoon news, Google announced today in Beijing incentive plan a total of 50 million yuan of small and medium-sized enterprises, 500 yuan for each marketing fund will provide a new AdWords account registered users, help them to start the search marketing.

Google introduced

, any new users, regardless of the industry and business types, regardless of location, as long as the call the toll free hotline 400-810-8070 consulting or visit the Google website designated can apply for the fund marketing. It is understood that this program costs about 50 million yuan.

Google global vice president Liu Yun said that Google launched the SME incentive plan, will be able to give a lot of companies have never tried to search marketing, new marketing opportunities and funding.

in mid August, Google announced Chinese market officially launched AdWords, compared with the previous version, the new version of the advertisement series data acquisition is more convenient, and add a variety of new tools for simulation of bid. Google said the new interface will significantly reduce the threshold of search marketing, so that enterprises can further explore and analyze the user’s network behavior, identify the starting point of marketing.

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