Henan Telecom want you to have my innocent website also my data found

      I want…… I wronged ah, my website, my effort, because you worked, because you give the destruction of Henan telecom. My website does not have any problems, just because there’s a space service provider website others point out, you shut up the whole room, but also the destruction of my website, why ah, I half a year from the market, from the street, the information data collection of shopping malls are gone, all gone, what should I do? Let’s talk about it.

      I was a kind of small area consumer information web site, I do not know how long I can withstand such torture, I am very tired, I am helpless, I don’t know what to do today, purple tin recovery, I looked at the empty site, I know the development and preparation nearly a year maintenance site was destroyed, the destruction of my God shaped, disappointed hurt my work day and night data, do not, what membership information is gone, I know I hundreds of day and night sleepless nights so vain, I lost 20 pounds of meat on it in vain, and because the website and the lost love, my health, I lost countless root hair, countless lost joy……

      all of a sudden, find themselves helpless, poor…… Grass roots, their own is a poor grassroots, grassroots doomed to become elite…… I am not willing to…… Where is the justice? Oh God, you tell me, what do I do? You don’t have to be silent, don’t be so scared.

      my site from the night of August 23rd to 27 today, can not be normal access without any notice, because the server hosting providers I site of Zhengzhou Tian purple Network Technology Co. Ltd. Henan Telecom server room are all closed, causing the site can not be accessed, because the site just to purple field. When the computer backup data access at the site is not that night, the computer is infected, the website data are all gone, had no choice but to pray, server space data do not have a problem, these days only silently waiting, waiting for the……. However, today, when the space is restored, I found that prayer is useless, God did not help me, the site’s data is lost, leaving an empty site skeleton, empty……. Empty my soul out of the shell, six soul become unconscious…….

      so, today, I see in the online article said the August 23rd Henan Telecom do not even notice, directly to the purple field network room to shut down, causing the whole room more than and 500 servers, tens of thousands of websites can not access, so I am angry, today, is No. 27 in the morning 9 so, I call to purple field network marketing department, confirmed the cause, (0379 – 65289217) customer service staff said it is not very clear, so I entrust a Hainan Daily reporter friend, as a reporter calls in the past, the company marketing department.

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