Who will pay for the era of e commerce bubble

with the growing popularity of e-commerce, bad business to disclose or sell customer information when the incident occurred, many customers do not know when the personal information was leaked, therefore, even if the personal information is spread, it is difficult to prevent. Research shows that the safety of Internet personal information about online shopping, shake customer confidence, affect consumer behavior, become the enemy of the development of electronic commerce, has aroused widespread concern in many countries. Many countries have adopted legal means to regulate the electronic commerce market, to protect the interests of consumers from infringement.

As the domestic

e-commerce leader in taobao.com registered users reached tens of millions, millions of online trading volume, as a former Taobao users have emotion, obviously the hierarchy of Taobao in profound restriction and divided the impact on users, in numerous small and medium-sized vendors is basically about three diamond sellers is the agent to sell products, but in this process is to buy at a low price in the superior agency shop, sold to earn the difference, the actual transaction can pass this way changed hands four or five times or more in Taobao trading records in the amount does not make a distinction, there

serious repeat count

for the quality of Taobao products and brand infringement can be described as the most common. With Adidas, Nike sports shoes as an example, the same style of shoes price is 50 to 500, as buyers are also very clear that 50 yuan can buy genuine Nike, ADI www.5d5h.com Yiwu

jewelry wholesale?Four principles of

market economy

equality, legality, competition and openness

as the enterprise profit is the ultimate goal is the variety of Taobao launched the no ground for blame, Wang Pu version is in the Taobao junior buyers a differentiated grade, Taobao’s consumer protection – Nominal consumer protection, but did not essentially solve this fundamental problem from the reality is that for a the way to win the social funds, Taobao mall deposit, management fees, these fixed capital is Taobao loan capital primitive accumulation

Taobao has been respected reputation first, on another level has given birth to another black chain, brush drill platform, every day tens of thousands of Taobao new sellers even old seller will go to brush, let the turnover increase exponentially

black such as pornography, since they are in the online trading can find the black chain in the online source, in the Baidu search brush drill, to see if I can find out how many similar professional websites, all through the record, what has now become a legitimate transaction


estimated how long the university will open the brush drill professional, the community will set up professional brush drill this occupation

as the largest e-commerce enterprises Taobao this should undertake such social responsibility, standardize the e-commerce market; instead of using such a chance for enterprises to get more profits, if the latter I think Taobao did not like Ma said predicted to exist in 90 years >

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