Ageing electricity supplier in the blowout on the eve of the target population to extend to the ends

recently, the investment community had an exclusive interview with the "2010 China most investment value of enterprises" 50 shortlisted companies VANCL aged CEO, aged said there is no clear listed schedule. It is understood that Eslite has completed the four round of financing, have access to Qiming sources, LIAN, IDGVC and Saif investment.

said the biggest challenge of aged Eslite, pointed out that at present although e-commerce in the blowout Eve, but this industry is still in the early stages of development, market size, the proportion of total retail channel is still very low. "VANCL believe to uphold the integrity of business, user centric, adhere to innovation, the brand is the best practice."

The old

said, as online retail enterprises, the main income comes from VANCL’s own brand product sales. VANCL brand target customer group is between 18 to 35 years old to understand the Internet, love online shopping, the pursuit of fashion and novelty of the urban white-collar workers, students and other groups widely. At Eslite the target population in young and middle-aged extension ends.


some time ago by the industry called "viral marketing" of copywriting, where the ads are aged users to imitate a VANCL and has nothing to do, but it does have a certain improvement Eslite sales. According to the monitored data, have a good help for the brand visibility and reputation.

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