Apple financing 50 million Rothschild family to participate in investment


technology news Beijing time on June 10th morning news, health care products vertical business platform "ah Apple announces $50 million A round of financing, investors including Huawei international capital (CID Group) and is known as the Rothschild family financial investment financial giants. This is the first investment in the Rothschild consortium electricity supplier class projects, the amount of financing to refresh the highest record of the domestic vertical electricity supplier financing.

"apple" main global brands of health products, founder of Tong Xin led the team to create a well-known business platform for high-end retail enterprises, in 2 years time, the platform to build a high-end department store business website. A new round of business, Tong Xin will be locked in the eyes Internet plus a large field of health, it is also the field growth space, attracted two investment institutions concerned.

compared to the data from the United States, the health industry accounted for 17.6% of the overall GDP of the United States, while China is less than 5%. But according to the Chinese government’s forecast, the next five years, China will become the world’s top second nutrition and health care products market. By then, China’s big health industry GDP will reach 8 trillion, while the health care market can form a scale of 2 trillion and 290 billion, accounting for more than 23%.

look to health care products vertical, its growth should not be underestimated. China’s retail market data show that health care products and cosmetics market, although the overall size of the two equivalent, but online sales of cosmetics have been close to the total market share of 20%, and the birth of the first listed company vertical cosmetics The online sales of health care products is in its infancy, and even did not account for 2% of the total market share.

2014 annual data show that health care online shopping growth rate of up to 80%, much higher than the growth rate of clothing, 3C, cosmetics and other online shopping category.

consumer groups and changes in the concept of consumption, health care products have been given birth to the field of electricity providers to breed a large company’s soil, the most important sign is that after 80 active or passive acceptance of health care products. These grew up with the network after 80, promote the China health care products market changes, from the traditional to the elderly and the line pharmacies and direct sale channels, the new generation of selling goods began to transform the market for online shopping; at the same time because this category is in the early stage of the development of online shopping, the market has no special professional vertical platform the choice for consumers, "apple" is to see and to seize this opportunity.

, apple through the integration of the global healthcare supply chain resources, the establishment of the FTA at home and abroad and professional temperature warehouse, China up to obtain the whole network brand area network exclusive rights, the establishment of a supply chain, logistics and brand advantages, get the favor of institutional investors.

company official said that the investment in place, Apple will focus on the supply chain, product operations and customer service, to further enhance, apple in the sub categories of operational advantages and service experience. (Li Lin)

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