Baidu team founded the school of happiness using technology to transform the education industry


Baidu team founded happy learning

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you have had 3 years of high school had many questions? There is a data worthy of reference: if the average of each piece of A4 paper is about 0.15 mm, a 3 – year high school student do the examination paper of about 2.41 meters, if the page papers of 10 questions, probably 160 thousand questions, a daily average of 147 questions.

this is the first half of this year Lin Zhen entrepreneurial statistics out of a data. At the beginning of this year, Lin Zhen Iqiyi or the Secretary of the board of directors, strategic cooperation and investment director, participate in Baidu (173.36, 2.97, 1.74%) for Iqiyi’s acquisition of PPS, a final project made by Lin Zhen, and then he plunged into a strange new field – in line education.

seems to be in hot pursuit of online education in the first half of this year, after all, suddenly hot, such as ape exam, Shanghai river network have access to tens of millions of dollars above the level of investment, the traditional education giant new Oriental (29.79, 0.09, 0.30%), and then transition in the planning of the mobile Internet, Baidu, Alibaba and Internet Co and also launched education Google products (1100.62,14.40, 1.33%) is the on-line test C2C online education platform.

but online education is not a new concept, and has been lukewarm. If the chairman of millet Lei Jun used the phrase "if on the outlet of pigs will fly" theory, then online education seems soon will usher in this "air" — how to use the data and technology to change the way of education, rather than stay in the "online" in the form of tools.

this is Lin Ching and his buddies want to do, this is an early work at Baidu team, they founded a company called "happy learning" (, K12 (primary school education in the first grade to grade 12, that is the stage of basic education), this is a a technology oriented company, hope to use big data to change education.

how to do? Back to the beginning of the example, a student face every day several sets of test papers, but there are many questions of knowledge is already mastered? Just repeated all the time, but did not spend more time in the absence of knowledge points above.

is another example, some parents often ask the teacher about my children? What also needs to be strengthened? The teacher sometimes is also very difficult, so many students, how to carry out targeted training and guidance? Not all students every day to do the questions are as like as two peas.

these are the problems that happiness studies want to solve.

Baidu entrepreneurial team

happy to learn the three founding partners, have Baidu working background. >

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