Adsense network broadcast where to go into the merger of Baidu Sogou Sogou input input

1 where Ctrip secret details of the talks: Zhuang Chen Chao or compromise out of  


Ctrip announced yesterday to reach an equity swap deal with Baidu. After the completion of the transaction, Baidu will have Ctrip ordinary shares can represent about 25% of Ctrip’s total voting rights, Ctrip will have about 45% of the total voting right.

This means that the

Ctrip holding old rival elong, where rival again, the online travel market, crazy burn war will come to an end. This unexpected cooperation news announced, Baidu, Ctrip, where the share price rose.

just half a year ago, where is the formal written refusal to acquire all outstanding shares of Ctrip offer, in June this year, where also completed a $800 million financing plan to issue price of $47.5, ready to battle continued to burn.

2 Baidu sued Sogou input unfair competition in the first instance won the compensation of $500 thousand  

October 27th news, Beijing Haidian court recently announced the case before the official micro-blog: user input text search engine Baidu Sogou input method, click on the search of candidate words into Sogou search page, Baidu Sogou sued on the grounds of unfair competition, Haidian court verdict Sogou input method to stop unfair competitive behavior, to eliminate the effects of compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan.

after the court held that Sogou companies and Baidu Inc are operating search business, the two have a competitive relationship. In 360, YAHOO search and search environment, Sogou input method did not show the search candidate, and to explain the company failed to Sogou Baidu search, to take targeted difference discrimination, unfair competition.

3 Wanda who fly finally have the movement, open platform and business entity to "hezonglianheng"  

Wanda hope gezonglianheng, put more shopping centers together to get big data. At this time the big data is neither the elephant’s legs, not the elephant’s nose, but the elephant’s all. When it accumulates to a certain scale, will have important impact on the industry, regional economy, and even become a barometer of the economy China. Perhaps, this is the main purpose of Wanda electric providers who fly.

Wanda incubation of the electricity supplier has long been planning a big game, but by the media as a "big scary" (see Ji Yongqing, the author of the titanium media comments), but few months have little voice. October 24th fifast has a new action in Wuxi, announced a strategic partnership with Wuzhou international group, and held a signing ceremony. This step cooperation, the two sides will integrate resources?

more than 4 companies layoffs O2O industry will now leave the tide?  

the morning of October 22nd, the "Mocha car" technician Zhang Hairui just.

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