nterpretation of the five elements of the decline of the network operation

to ask the electricity business in the most crazy mode of operation, then buy the network is definitely on the list. Two years before the network group purchase business operation mode is indeed a fire, many of the electricity supplier organizations within a short period of time into the network group purchase mode will rush on like a swarm of hornets. But now? With a close network of group purchase, we see that the current electricity supplier industry for group purchase mode has become more rational attitude, at the same time, the network group purchase is still alive also had to face the operation becomes more and more serious. Most of the group purchase website will decline is not untraceable, the five main factors below the author brief analysis under the current domestic group purchase website operation to.

1: consumer spending trends tend to rational

in the past, to quickly jump red network group purchase group purchase simply because products have great advantages in terms of price. Some of the discount even reached ninety percent off. Such a big discount, many consumers are stampede in. However, with the consumer after the discovery did not achieve the desired effect, consumers began to slowly realize that the so-called discount is nothing more than a deliberate price increases after the price. Many of the goods in the group before the price will be considered to enhance the price, and then there can be more discount in the group purchase. But consumers often did not know, that he earned a cheap, but the price is actually not much difference between the normal price and.

in this we see a buy products, we can go to a number of electronic business platform, such as Jingdong, Taobao, pat and other search, look at their regular price. As a result, many products will be exposed to reduce the price of fraud. When consumers understand the nature of this group buying network will naturally reduce the heat of the group.

two: buy low product protection, consumers lose information

many businesses to participate in the purpose of the group may be in order to eliminate some of the low price to sell the stock of goods. Some goods may be defective in quality. In addition to a large number of similar Juhuasuan buy platform, a lot of small group buying platform simply does not have the ability to check the quality of each product for consumers. The end result is that many consumers in the purchase platform to buy products often can not achieve the desired objectives, and as a platform to buy the user has lost the trust.

three: difficult to survive under the squeeze of large group buying network

said a large group purchase website, leading Taobao Juhuasuan, Juhuasuan with its large Taobao user group, launched on the domestic network group purchase with half of the country. Juhuasuan has a wealth of business resources, but also has a sound quality checks, which is Juhuasuan can quickly become the biggest buy platform factors. As a small group buying platform in the face of Juhuasuan’s strong insertion can only be difficult to operate.

four: buy platform flooding, decreased by

when any of the patterns is done "over",

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