360 security guards enable the new domain name began to change the platform

March 6, 2008, 360 security guards officially opened a new domain name www.360.cn

Enable the 360.cn domain name

in March 6th this special day, marking the 360 sites completed from a safe product to a safe platform of transformation, will begin to build the "360 security center" free security platform.

from today, the 360 official website has been completed from www.360safe.com to www.360.cn switch, enter the domain name will automatically jump to the new domain name.

enabled a new domain name, the name of the 360 site from the previous security guards upgrade to replace the security center 360". 360 security center will rely on a series of "360" brand of software and services, continue to provide free security services for the majority of Internet users.

here, all members of the 360 security center need to express the most sincere thanks to all 360 users. We can not do without the progress of a little bit of your support and help for a long time. In the future, 360 security center will focus more on the field at the same time killing Trojans, attention to the needs of users, to create a series of personal security service products. At the same time, we can certainly tell you: 360 security center platform will continue free!

360 security guards responsible Fu Sheng said, in March 6th this special day to enable the 360.cn domain name, marking the 360 website completed from a security product to a security platform transformation, the next 360 security center will include 360 security guards, 360 software, 360 encyclopedia insurance box, 360ARP and a series of software and firewall service.

industry insiders believe that the 360.cn domain is more in line with the positioning security center platform. It is understood that the domain name for a 360 loyal users for free, as early as 5 years ago, the "fans" is registered with the birth of 360.cn, 360 security guards and is becoming increasingly popular, 360.cn domain name has become a hundred enterprises have willing to purchase price of 360.cn million to.

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