OK Storm video will be listed domain name baofeng com appreciation

renamed China (eName.cn) February 2nd hearing, it is reported that the storm has established video site audit by the Commission, to be listed on the gem, raising 510 million yuan, public offering of not more than 30 million shares of common stock. Repeatedly failed to storm the final listing of the storm, the storm baofeng.com appreciation.


figure: Storm video

In 2003,

officially launched the storm, can be said to be the video industry veteran, but in recent years the development of video sites, including Iqiyi, Tencent headed by their niche in the video "rich, absolute attitude is capricious" will include the storm, the predecessors left behind. Therefore, the storm has repeatedly listed video IPO failure is also the industry that is means of the fight to win or die.


query, storm website is the opening of the brand Larry domain baofeng.com, baofeng.cn/.com.cn domain name suffix is not in the storm name, but it has NET support in baofeng.net’s domain name suffix.

addition, storm in October of last year, but also smart hardware as its first flagship virtual reality storm mirror bought double spell domain name mojing.cn. Storm video of the fund-raising, will be mainly used for upgrading and expansion of the Internet high-definition video service platform, mobile terminal video service system research and development projects.

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