Tencent Baidu Ali angel investment behind the nternet will be community based

entered in 2011, the Internet industry more than a landscape, it is the industry giant began to do angel investors.

although Chinese stocks suffered in the United States collective ban bad luck, but did not affect the pace of mergers and acquisitions of Internet giants. In particular, the Internet giant three Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba mergers and acquisitions, seems to be an investment competition.

Tencent first opened the first pace of foreign investment, in addition to the field layout of e-commerce, in May, the Tencent took 445 million yuan investment in Huayi Brothers, officially entered the film investment, in addition, has also invested in elong into the online travel industry. Into June, Baidu 306 million yuan investment where to network, but also involved in online travel. Then, the United States Mission network announced on July 7th B round of $50 million financing of the list of investors, Alibaba group is the lead investor in the round of financing.

of course, the investment case is only a few big investment in the three giants in the field of mergers and acquisitions, there are some small unknown investment, here is not to enumerate, from these cases, we can clearly show that the three giants are moving some new industries into the area, and these industries with the main business of the company is not connected. What is the reason of the big three this year, the pace to make snap to angel investors?

PE market valuation of mergers and acquisitions coincided with the timing of the


speaking of Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, we all know that these are not bad money, despite the recent Chinese stocks in the capital market in the United States suffered a wave of "ban" tide, so that part of the listed company’s share price fell sharply, but the market capitalization of three companies listed in the United States is still in the forefront of the China Internet Corporation, as of yesterday (July 12th) Baidu market capitalization of $49 billion 700 million, the company’s share price of $147.78; Tencent market value of HK $373 billion 444 million share price of HK $207 to HK $58 billion 786 million market value of Alibaba, the stock closed at HK $12.10. These figures are encountered in the Chinese stocks after the ban, the latest figures, and before, the market capitalization of the three Internet giants has been the leader in the Internet industry.

this year, the capital market downturn, monetary tightening macro-control and the country, let the part of small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a shortage of funds, plus GEM companies and small board company after the baptism of the market, the relative valuation at the bottom, and these are the best time to attract investment in VC/PE, but always not bad money in the Internet three this giant generous investment is also optimistic about the relatively low valuation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and a new round of investment in expanding their business diversification development at the same time, on the Internet again innovation? This is seen as they are a bargain hunting behavior in


hit collective analyst Feng Po told the "Securities Daily" interview with reporters, the Internet giant to strengthen investment in related areas, mainly based on the enterprises have taken their own "

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