Zhang Zhaoyang do not want to let Sohu video or integration with the Sohu portal

the story of "give up" is always repeated in the popular songs, in the cruel business environment, a similar scene is constantly staged.

to the end of the year, Sohu has become a "video song" theme in the imperceptibly. From the rumors of the acquisition to merge with competitors, the Sohu capital movements video rumors can be heard without end. In any case, Iqiyi, Tencent has been in hot pursuit and even catch up with the video, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang is indeed faced with a choice, is to continue to let go.

unlike other video sites are more or less behind the gold master support in the U.S. stock market has long been undervalued Sohu, lack of hematopoietic capacity, and now it is difficult to continue to continue to provide blood for the video.

and for now, Zhang Zhaoyang’s holdings plan, it is his "Big Plan" the first step, but also quite a story reversal feeling. Sohu internal, Sohu has also begun to appear signs of internal integration of video.

holdings is the first step privatization followed by

recently held during the second world Internet Conference, Sohu issued a notice, Zhang Zhaoyang proposed $600 million repurchase offer. Once the offer is implemented, Zhang Zhaoyang will use $600 million to buy back the shares and bonds Sohu 30%. Coupled with the current 22% stake in Zhang Zhaoyang, Sohu shares held by will be more than half. Zhang Zhaoyang will take control of Sohu.

Repurchase shares and Sohu

Zhang Zhaoyang the future direction of the two seemingly independent events, is behind the existence of a causal relationship.

said "if the stock repurchase is the first step, the second step privatization is logical. Once the success of the privatization of Sohu, Sohu will not choose Zhang Zhaoyang at least three years ago, "sell video in video Sohu executives turnover Li Ran pointed out that the privatization of the next step is Zhang Zhaoyang operation of the Sohu’s resources, including the Sohu, the future of video.

talked about Zhang Zhaoyang’s episode of Sohu video, Li Ran said: he has a special liking for the video, the video is also spared no effort to call resources". Although he believes that Sohu video to this step a little pity, but he believes that Zhang Zhaoyang will not easily sell it.

recent layoffs from Sohu action, Sohu in the tour, the portal business are carried out on the optimization of thousands of people, and the video business has not been involved.

has been the future is not too bright Sohu video, after Zhang Zhaoyang decided to get control of Sohu, at least he "ruling, the Sohu reluctantly sell video" this scene the possibility of achieving a lot smaller, more is how Zhang Zhaoyang is the next step to adjust the video Sohu.

seek to change the internal Sohu video portal integration with Sohu

video business is likely to return again, the current internal Sohu has begun to integrate in the sale, just off the Sohu shortly after the East said

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