Seal a Grassroots webmaster in the pigsty scamper

half past eleven in the evening, the editor of stationmaster net straw suddenly told me that he was going to resign, I froze for a moment, think what happened to him, let me look at he just wrote "back to < Baidu, QQ is a large-scale ban video website hotlinking > the critics of" one article, and then tell me he was, at the end of the paper, the last sentence is: "personal webmaster group is not worth me to give it. Webmaster, 88! Straw will not exist! "

chill again a straw, I remember Guo Jie had written many articles, why not write, the same is chilling, I don’t want to seal the Taiwan why grassroots webmaster wrote, or. Because the grassroots webmaster of this group, like a pigsty, we worked hard to write the article, is simple in pigs, but little attention, would scamper sty. What’s behind the article, not with a group of people in the chaos behind the booing.

this life so that I can not forget is the Spring Festival in 2004, it is a season of Beijing ten years the most cold, I am in the international business center 26 floor office, the floor is too high, the heating couldn’t play, the outside wind shook the glass splashed bang, I really appreciate the what is bitter, even at three or four in the morning, I cold shiver, clenched his teeth in the Internet mode, "stay in the United States, Taiwan, Canada and other foreign websites, most of the time I was thinking in the study of the world’s leading Internet thinking mode and the details of the latest the.

on the day before the year thirty in the evening, after dinner I was ready to go upstairs, I was still thinking about the mind of Ireland local websites, suddenly slipped and fell on the ice, "bang", with Venus left eye flash, I climbed up to the face, get ready upstairs, security stopped me and said: how do you face is blood, he hurried to find some toilet paper, to send me to the hospital, I say no, don’t leave any blood flow, let it go. Words I went upstairs to see, I didn’t know what the mirror, left eye frame open two centimeters cut, blood was take an hour to stop, I did not go to the hospital, no bleeding, hand over there, and on the other hand or mouse continue to study in Ireland where blood is the final site, never stop.

had never seen like me to do business, but my career is to be enough thinkers, great thinkers in history of three thousand years, a large Chinese reform triggered the history of management thought, sparked new thinking. Confucius, Sun Zhongshan, and so on.

"Shennong, a day in the seventy drugs, beginning with medicine". The sheep on the mountain, finally tasted Shennong duanchangcao and often killed sheep mountain, where I often think about this problem, because my body is a blood flow of Shennong fusion, people alive, almost all of them are for themselves, only a few people are always for others. What we eat is grass, the hardest days

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