Brazil buy site Peixe Urbano investment bank Morgan Stanley Capital njection

Beijing on January 27th news, according to foreign media reports, Brazil’s largest domestic group purchase website Peixe Urbano earlier this month from the investment bank Morgan Stanley and Asset Management Co T. Rowe Price Group in the hands to raise new capital, the company is currently the recruitment of technical personnel, and to invest in new products, with the expansion of the market in Brazil is lower than Groupon.

Peixe Urbano co-founder Alex · (Alex) this week to California, Brazil, looking for interested in moving to the computer elite Tabor. Tabor has been recruiting at Stanford University, the University of California, University of California at Berkeley and California Institute of Technology.

and Groupon in the United States the same trajectory of development, through the recruitment of sales staff and willing to provide discount service local businesses contracted, Peixe Urbano in Latin America market has been rapid growth. Peixe Urbano was founded in 2010, currently has more than 1000 employees, and in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and intelligence in more than 80 cities to provide network service. Tabor said, but different from the U.S. market, Peixe Urbano does not have to like Amazon, ordering website OpenTable, shops review site Yelp such competitors.

Tabor is currently the chief technology officer of Peixe Urbano, he said, we have a geographical advantage, we can gain a leading position and maintain this position." Internet traffic monitoring agency ComScore statistics show that Groupon currently has the largest user groups in Latin America market. As of April 2011, Groupon monthly visitors in Latin America is 4 million 800 thousand. Followed by the Spanish buy site Groupalia, its monthly access to 2 million 300 thousand users. Peixe Urbano ranked third, the user was 2 million 100 thousand. But Tabor said that the current registered users of Peixe Urbano has increased from 5 million in 2010 to 16 million, an increase of more than two times.

up to now, Groupon spokesman Julie · Le Le (Julie Mossler) for the company’s development in the Latin American market declined to comment on any of the.

actively recruit

Tabor did not provide the number of applicants to pay, but said the company has been very aggressive in the recruitment problem". After preparing for the IPO last year, after submitting the prospectus, Groupon was criticized by the market, because the operating loss since 2008, the company has accumulated a total of $540 million 200 thousand. Groupon net loss in the third quarter of last year

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