Red fantasy net acquisition Viewtiful Larry domain huanxia com

news July 11th, according to the domain name forum users rebellion, tea tea’s novel network fantasy novel network has been officially renamed Viewtiful novel nets, the original domain name jump to Viewtiful Larry domain, website domain name change also played pictures.


diagram: Web page

Huanxia is changed, magic man, magic Xia, ring etc. under the jurisdiction of the same Chinese characters Pinyin, Pinyin Chinese characters combining diverse Huanxia as Viewtiful more commercial value, the current domestic to fantasy, fantasy novels mainly / animation most people love, domain name with "fantasy" and "Knight" the word, more reminiscent of this kind of novel / animation site. domain name was registered in 2008, the other suffix domain name has been registered by others.


map: domain name contrast information

the tea customers to replace the domain of concern, is rumored name system red novel network acquired by the author, query understanding, domain name in 2009 when Chinese Dongyue Guo holds, and now is the owner of the domain name shows Ding Hui, and previously the domain information is inconsistent, and Baidu included Viewtiful novel network information about June 5th, therefore, it can be inferred that the domain name system red novel network acquisition, and the domain name transaction time should be at the end of the 5.

red novel network to have more and more attention to the domain name, because he was the official domain name is not enabled, after buying tea Larry upgrade website, the main Larry domain, now Viewtiful novel network domain name is double strategy reflected, currently many novel sites are the main phonetic domain, such as Chinese and, starting point net

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