The six sins of the personal webmaster imcko owners of the crime book

          recently, for their website more and more I feel guilty, not because of what I do I’m sorry friends things, but because I due to lack of management, resulting in website development has been stagnant for two and a half years! For the many suggestions, I insist on their own standards to be negative, all this leads to a direct result of the post is the number of my station remained in the 100 post, and more recently less.

        for this reason, I think from the solution to the depth of reflection, and ultimately identified as the cause of personal management style. Therefore, to denounce their post:

        management style is a crime.

        it is not a good thing to rub the eye into a grain of sand! The result is often counterproductive overkill. I have formed reason too much integrity management style is not at the forum, the forum is after all a relaxing place, although you are a professional forum, but the discussion of professional should also be in a relaxed environment. How can the professional forum a few water paste, no irrigation components that make fun of professional post reply, if you want to put these away, then you will also get rid of the vitality of the forum.

      two counts: too hard, constantly adjust

      diligent person is not wrong, is wrong in the time when you are making a website or Gesanchaiwu rules, to adjust the basic rules, so we have to continue to rule and the rules, in the course of time complaining will. This is my first time to do good for people in the forum, pondering (Khan) always new ideas constantly, for a minor monthly integral strategy forum quarterly a major, ultimately did not adjust to the best, to get the old members complain.

      three counts: people also suspected, entangled in the line

      as the saying goes: employers do not suspect, the suspect not, for although the forum has also recruited many moderators, but their love to each section of charge into the enemy ranks management posts, make moderators seem like incompetent. In fact, people will get honest about, to give enough space to play, you always put the basic work done, what people do? Therefore, the administrator should be the rule makers, executive supervisors, instead of performing.  
      four counts: the original is not lead

        originality is website >

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