The rise of WeChat cloud Lei m chat once walked in front of

(original title: "Tencent" WeChat rise situation: Lei m chat ever walked in front of


surging news reporter Yang Xinjie

Zhang Xiaolong

On the eve of the Spring Festival

2014, WeChat red still in beta, a network screenshot shows the spread, Ma Huateng is the product of the first batch of experience, he is inviting some business owners to grab a red envelope function test. In this screenshot, Ma Huateng made a random red link, 50 random red envelopes, per capita 20 yuan.

this is the financial writer Wu Xiaobo in his latest book, "biography of the Tencent," a description of the design process of WeChat red envelopes.

New Year’s Eve this year, WeChat users received a total of 14 billion 200 million red envelopes, an increase of 75.7% over last year. WeChat has 846 million months of active users, in the annual zero point every second to send and receive the peak of the 760 thousand envelopes, there is no large-scale caton.

WeChat red envelopes every year to increase the speed of geometric level: 2014 New Year’s Eve, the total amount of red envelopes to send and receive 16 million WeChat; new year’s Eve in 2015, the total amount of WeChat red envelopes to break through the 1 billion. 2016 New Year’s Eve, the total amount of 8 billion 80 million red envelopes to send and receive WeChat.

WeChat red envelopes exactly how born? Why WeChat can win?

Pony (editor’s note: the board of directors of the Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng) sent an email to me, said that we should not consider it carefully, if competitors to imitate, will overlay a thing, said he innovated. I replied that this function we now has very simplified, competitors can not exceed us, because we are doing what we are not, you should always put things over it, you add extra, but we." According to Tencent biography, a Book disclosure, WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong said.

"Tencent biography" is the only official authorized Tencent Tencent corporate history biography, Zhang Zhidong, co-founder of Tencent and Chen Yidan invited to create the creation of the. Wu Xiaobo said Tencent promised not to interfere in the creation of independence.

and this book, it took 5 years to complete. On the one hand, because the Tencent is a rapid development of the Internet Co, there is no sound internal file management system, the habit of staring at the future does not attach importance to history; two is because the Tencent is a volcanic eruption. Wu Xiaobo recalls, "I see Ma Huateng time is November 2011, when the Tencent is in Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent of the war, we were in a hotel in Shenzhen for dinner, someone said," we are in Beijing airport 20 million yuan advertisement next month, you put the single sign down. ". At that time, WeChat’s users only 30 million, about 200 thousand new users per day; at that time, not even WeChat public number."

as the most exciting part of the book, "Tencent biography" detailed disclosure of the Zhang Xiaolong team to create WeChat, and later

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