Today’s headlines denied infringement has been questioned the Tencent has sued the Sohu denied coope

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xialin Intern Tian Siqi Ling) announced $100 million investment in the domestic application of information App today’s headlines before the announcement after being questioned the alleged infringement of copyright. Today’s headlines yesterday issued a statement denying infringement. But experts believe that today’s headlines have been alleged infringement, at least violations of the rights of traditional media, journalists, etc..

client visible print content is

today’s headlines, the statement pointed out that he does not modify page content partner sites, do not show their ads, web page for full cooperation presented to the user, including the web site, advertising, branding, download links, WeChat public accounts and so on. But in the actual use of the process of the user, the web site of the cooperative web site is automatically optimized, only in the bottom of the article has a real link to the original page.

today’s headlines relevant responsible person told reporters yesterday, and pursue the copy and paste company mode different portals Road, you should understand the headlines today as a tool, the equivalent of Baidu PC on the internet."

at the same time, today’s headlines in the statement also claimed that they, like any search engine, only to cooperate with the network media, cooperation to comply with the search engine Robots agreement, there is no infringement. But in today’s headlines in the client, but often can see the "Beijing News", "Beijing daily", "Nanfang Daily" and other traditional paper media content.

reporter yesterday in its latest content, still found a lot of content from the Beijing News website.

from the media "hearsay" founder Feng Dahui believes that today’s headlines disclaimer infringement, the first two are untenable:

the first statement, today’s headlines assert their agreement to comply with reptiles, "if any one search engine, we only work with the network media, cooperative search engine Robots comply with the agreement, there is no infringement." The problem is that today’s headlines is not a search engine company.

second point statement, today’s headlines claiming to return users, the full show". First do not return, second is not a complete show. Since each news below are marked automatically optimize reading, click to see the original, optimize what? After optimization of the original format of the people are a mess, it is called "complete show"? In essence called "two processing".

Tencent, Sohu denied its existence of cooperation

, according to today’s headlines relevant person in charge, in addition to NetEase, the four major portals in Sina, Tencent, Sohu and today’s headlines have a cooperative relationship. Whether oral, written, docking technology level, allowing partners to grab headlines today, on the contrary, it is a partner of diversion.

but reporters learned yesterday from the Sohu, Sohu denied the existence of cooperation with today’s headlines. Tencent also said yesterday, and today’s headlines no cooperation. Gate element

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