12 09 network fraud details more than 500 suspects for the same family

police arrested 1209 suspects (police for map)

Beijing, Nanjing in December 22, (Liu Lin Jiang Chuanwei Li Yirui) recently, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau of Suqian City Lake District Bureau in the investigation together with the 7000 yuan fraud, discovered a huge network fraud Gang, the case caused by the Ministry of public attention. Ministry of public security held a joint meeting of police in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, to determine the case for the 12.09 project.

case of victims across the country 31 provinces, involving more than 500 suspects, string and similar cases from the beginning of the case, involving a total value of more than 1200 yuan more than $710. Police investigation found that more than 500 suspects involved in the Jiangxi County of Yugan Province as a member of a family of tang.

7000 yuan "charitable" contributions to cite "blockbuster" fraud

at the beginning of May 2015, Ms. Wang Jiangsu Lake District of Suqian City, access to QQ chat in a self proclaimed "Wang Feng (micro-blog)" and "Mister", that can help the application of "charity", after "induction calls +QQ" step by step, Ms. Wang in June 3 to each other for gospel truth. The specified account is 7000 yuan, then realized that cheated Ms. Wang to the Suqian City Public Security Bureau Lake District Branch police.

after receiving the alarm, police immediately carry out the work on the lakeside, master QQ, telephone and remittance account tracking investigation, the crime of fraud prevention and rapid start linkage mechanism of communication network, the communication sector for the first time the number of feedback virtual number, and start blocking, call recovery, traceability and other measures; the bank accounts involved in quick freezing, to implement, has found 7000 yuan respectively into 5 two bank cards, but already was empty.

after verification, 5 bank card withdrawals, are in Jiangxi, Shangrao province within the territory of Yugan. The county before 2013, because of "heavily child", "escort money cheat, and" little known ", 2014 fraud has evolved into" charitable "contributions, and key areas of the county is one of the national communications network against crime.

police quickly rushed to the Yugan County of Shangrao City, Jiangxi province involved, in cooperation with local police, the bank card information verification, and obtain a surveillance video teller bank ATM machine, after 1 months of careful investigation, locked the specific identity of the suspect Tang Mougui, teller Xu L.

July 24th, after careful dispatched, in the territory of Yugan County, the arrest of Tang Mougui Xu Mousheng, on the spot and seized a laptop computer 2, mobile phone 13, identity card 40, 85 bank cards and other tools of crime of fraud, the script.

according to the suspect Tang Mougui, Xu Mousheng confessed that they are according to the requirements of the lawyer, specifically responsible for bank withdrawals. This situation has aroused the attention of the Suqian police.

, vice mayor of Suqian City Public Security Bureau Jianghai clear requirements, quickly set up a task.

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