AOL enabled domain Love com push news aggregator website

, according to technology blog TechCrunch reports, AOL recently launched a news aggregation site


site is still in the beta phase, although earlier this month that has been on the line, but so far has not attracted media attention, AOL has not publicly announced the launch of the website, the website also no other websites and AOL are connected with each other. But through the mouth to search engine and Twitter and Facebook and other users of the site, the site within a week attracted 100 thousand unique users, there are about 350 thousand themes.

access to the site through the home page, but all the themes of the site are organized into sub domain name. The site is currently extremely rich in topics, covering the dog, the Beatles, gender, finance, rock, hamster and Barack · (Obama), (Barack), etc..

the site was created by Bill · (Bill Wilson) MediaGlow department, which is building a new content brand distinct from the AOL itself. The content of the website is collected automatically, mainly through Relegence (AOL company acquired in 2006) from the third party site acquisition, video from YouTube, Twitter also includes links to personal information page and other major news websites. This automated collection model requires very little human intervention.

AOL talked little about, but said it would launch the site later this year, and the site’s goal is to build a favorite theme of the various groups of sites." The MediaGlow site will be as "a site that covers all of the topics that users love."." It is said that the site will eventually provide users with customized home page features, allowing users to track their favorite topics. was launched in 2003 in the form of a personal website, then redirected to, which is a long-term partner of AOL.

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