Website promotion article to write a soft cake

give you a piece of cake, no matter how attractive looks, smells so sweet, if it is as hard as rock candy, you will not eat it with. In fact, our soft Wen, is a delicious cake, sweet and soft, so that your customers will like.

a cake must be practical

if your cake is very beautiful, are made of rubber mud, can not eat, this cake is not what meaning, we, too, is the carrier of advertisers to transmit information to consumers, it is the ultimate goal to stimulate the purchase of.

two, cake must be complete

we all love the perfect thing, so each cake we made if a complete, our text is the same, we write the purpose of soft is for people to see, so soft, required to grasp the overall situation view, consistent, interlocking, step by step, this text is to persuade force, and not blindly to the pursuit of words, language is not very beautiful, lively ah, as long as consumers know that we say is what the product, that is enough.

three, cake is a work of art

When many people buy

collocation cakes are very focused on the cake shape and color, like this and we write soft article is soft, our emphasis is on a soft word, this "soft" can reflect the ability of the operator is just perfect, cannot write news, but can not write advertising, but not precisely because consumers you must remember your pen for your products.

four, do follow the trend to make cake

there is a cake shop owner told me that they did the children’s birthday cake seven paragraphs and God during the seven gods of heaven, this a few cake although the price a little expensive, but sales are still very good. In fact, when writing the soft news should emphasize the news as the first principle, in the era of information explosion of the buyer, people prefer to accept the news, not too much advertising. At least from the consumer psychology is concerned, will not hate the news. Inspired by the boss, I went home to God seven in order to write a soft article, the effect is as good as the cake shop, since then I really understand the relationship between the soft and the news is so important.

I want to put the soft Wen written, or a long and arduous process of accumulation, good writing, good ideas, good starting point, good title, good conception, even good experience and so on are not less. The soft master always put the "soft" handle

just perfect!

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