Wang Xiaochuan nternet giant attack under the survival


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insensitive, a magazine reporter judgment on the Internet Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan rookie character, "the waves of ups and downs, change constantly, some people go to Sohu, Chen Yizhou, Xu Zhaojun, Gu Yongqiang, and later Gong Yu, but Wang Xiaochuan stayed still, Sogou, in the Tsinghua Science Park. In the past 18 years, he has been squatting in Wudaokou, squatting on the east gate of Tsinghua University within a radius of two km." The reporter to Wang Xiaochuan as the "Tsinghua East gate keeper" of the title, to describe his persistence and attention, this title also quickly in the Internet arena spread out.

most of these statements are accurate, but the final analogy with the fact that a slight discrepancy. Wang Xiaochuan in the college football team as a striker, he is best known for its speed, the result is a two goals. April 3rd morning, he told me that junior football green past said: "the goal is forward should do." In the sense of looking for a chance to score, Wang Xiaochuan is now in the Internet giant attack survival philosophy.

The net

Wang Xiaochuan had a year, less than Chinese internet life cycle of 20 years in high school, he completed the life for the first time with an old modem net. The same as most of the time and Chinese through the Internet, the Orsay Boy Genius started using the Internet surfing and playing electronic games. His first experience of the Internet is not happy, because when the phone line connected to the Internet, he often received a complaint from the mother, the mother of the phone will be unhappy to hear the noise, and then I am off." In the intermittent network connection, Wang Xiaochuan completed the initial enlightenment and cognition about Chinese internet.

high school student Wang Xiaochuan was called a "command and conquer," the game interesting. In fact, in the near future, he repeated the strategy game game player needs to comply with the rules of the accumulation of resources, summoned, yuanjiaojingong, eventually expand its territory.

in Wang Xiaochuan is located in the east gate of Tsinghua University 18 years learning and occupation career, pure technical men has been his most important label. But his talent did not allow him to indulge in the pursuit of technological development. Early in the workplace, he began to try to bear the defects in exchange for the success of cooperation. He repeatedly told a story about the outside world, 2003 with lunch attracting Tsinghua students part-time program, but in addition, he also said to me a great idea to change his story. In 1999, Wang Xiaochuan read a senior, need to find a partner to do his partner and write procedures. He found that the code quality and elegance of the partners are not as good as him. "You need to learn to compromise at this time, from the reality of the Internet efficiency, we need to have a faster rhythm, so we have to tolerate imperfection."


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