100 Aogu fiery contest competition triggered at any moment

up to now, Admin5 second site optimization activities have been carried out for nearly two days, due to the increase in the activities of the sponsor, the current amount of the game has been increased bonus of $three thousand. It is now possible to see that the impact of the premium increase is more and more.

and the game related keywords "100 Aogu" also gradually lively up, whether it is in the webmaster network game official forum, Baidu or Post Bar and know all the influx of a large number of related discussion paper.

saw a competition website the most interesting, the use of Olympic Valley Theme Park "architecture, art is amazing (http://s.tieba.baidu.com/f? Kz=353485835). This competition is also the most creative two days since a site. Hope that the webmaster can continue to carry forward the creative mind, support the Olympic Games, support Baidu and Google.


In fact, the

activity of the spirit is not competition, but cooperation, in many Olympic Valley can be seen in the site, some sites have started to Links each other. This is a vivid portrayal of the spirit of solidarity webmaster, hope the other participating owners will continue to carry forward the spirit of mutual help.

and then come back to the current search engine rankings, currently in the Baidu search, yet the site was collected, since Baidu has a period of observation on the new website, this situation is also reasonable.

then take a look at Google’s collection of it, according to the screenshot can be seen, the top five are already participating sites, compared with the results of Baidu is very different. Temporarily ranked first in the com suffix domain name www.baiaogu.com

100 Aogu



reported here, webmasters will continue to follow up, to provide more competition 100 abstruse cereal new report, please pay attention to stationmaster net Olympic Valley area. Http://top.admin5.com/zt/seocp/

exactly how the final results, Adsense nets and you look forward to.

  more contest 100 abstruse cereal Forum: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-193-1.html 

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