Decrypt the congregation to raise busy busy transformation of the early site model to be explored

[Abstract] time to play down the public to raise the label, the original congregation raised public concern. What is the status quo and prospects of this industry?


every reporter Zhu Dandan from Beijing

all the chips from the very beginning, and illegal fund-raising tangled up, many people do not know the difference between congregation and P2P. In fact, there is an essential difference between the two. For example, the congregation raised the equivalent of group purchase, project sponsors to raise public platform to raise funds for the purchase, investors have launched, after the successful implementation of the project, get real, services and other aspects of the reward. The illegal fund-raising as well as P2P, in essence, is a kind of capital borrowing.

also involved in raising public projects more broadly, it pays more attention to the creative project itself rather than commercial value, investors to participate in a project to raise the public, may be just for a personal interest. However, all the chips are now derived from a lot of more refined branches, such as the return of the public to raise the public to raise the debt, equity congregation to raise.

among them, raise all the congregation raised equity hot debate. The idea that it will become the field of venture capital "spoiler"; others say it will take the capital market and the transformation of the Internet China company system. So, what is the real situation of this industry, with the Commission’s position will be the timely introduction of the public to raise equity guidance, the industry will usher in what kind of challenges and opportunities?

sample survey

call time to dilute the public to raise public interest in the original label will raise concerns about

talk about all the chips, but the natural round of the earliest, but also the most successful one of the public to raise the site – named time. But it is worth noting that this year, the time is called from a purely public platform to slowly become a platform for the transformation of intelligent hardware platform, the public to raise the label has gradually fade.


founder Zhang You pointed out to accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, not named time no longer do all the chips, but the essence of all the chips extracted, with more simple tags to locate themselves.

it is worth noting that, in order to reposition themselves at the same time, the network of public finance platform to raise public ownership of the original congregation raised equity model has been more and more attention from all walks of life.

call time for the transition to intelligent hardware platform

in the country’s first public to raise the site, named time is undoubtedly the most successful, the most famous site. However, to enter in 2014, the name of the time is slowly fade the concept of public chips. In April 19th at the time named "the third 10× 10 intelligent product trends conference, founder Zhang You announced: Chinese as the largest congregation raised platform named time will give up to raise public mode, and become the first intelligent hardware platform.

this, Zhang You on the daily economic news reporter, said the name >

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