Use Blog to improve your writing skills

Blog on Blog looks a never-ending topic mining potential, each Blogger seems to have thought about such a question "why should I Blogging?", some people are to record their life to share with friends, some people in order to maintain their sensitivity to the industry, some people will be as Blog you on the network of private tea, and some people say it more interesting, he said his Blog is the future of the epitaph…… Although many people have in their Blog wrote this entry, but we still see some wonderful picture, such as the Vintone Blogging began in December 2004 (Ming Zhuan) in his opening remarks in Blog wrote:"…… Using blog as a record of self change and oversight…… Perception of business management; enhanced IT; rich cultural heritage; to enjoy the lifestyle; recording the journey……"

small usually have contact with some friends, when jointly promote some tasks, found that many of my friends have great talent in interpersonal communication, speech, etc., but in business writing but also need to work hard to improve. A lot of friends write work documents, often have the following defects:

is not standardized in style;


document in the form of a sense is very casual, sometimes there is no lack of title, header, footer, signature, and inscribed in time and so on are not too concerned about these details.

lacks systematic thinking;

in fact every working document is a description of a task, some large planning tasks, some small details of the implementation of the task. A lot of friends in the thinking task system is relatively poor, so naturally, at the time of writing, there is no lack of rules, clear line.

task requirements are unknown, lack of feedback request;

every working document is written for a specific person. What you want to express clearly in the document. For the current work tasks, which are identified, which are uncertain, which need to be discussed, which need immediate feedback, which should be clearly presented in the work document.

primary and secondary unclear, lack of focus

in writing long articles, due to primary and secondary unclear, lack of focus, leading to the main idea of the article wants to be buried in a pile of materials. This is not the place to display takes a lot of material, and the focus on the place but ximorujin.

it makes Xiaorong remember the phrase cnBlog Title: "Chinese is not good at writing the country, and the emergence of Blog…" in fact, Chinese was originally a very good at writing the country, but it is not good at writing into a country. The Internet allows more people to improvise in their normal work

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