More than 6 thousand village hundreds of thousands of farmers will be the first to participate in a

Put forward to plan to accelerate the development of rural electricity supplier

days before, by strengthening the new form of promoting consumption benefit the people’s livelihood; determined to promote the development of express industry, cultivate new growth point of modern service industry.

and this is echoed, rural Alibaba Taobao since last October in Zhejiang, Tonglu opened the first rural Taobao service station, within a year has covered 27 provinces and more than 6 thousand villages, the development of tens of thousands of returning rural youth to become a partner at Taobao. This year, the more than 6 thousand villages covered by hundreds of thousands of villagers will be the first to participate in Alibaba’s double eleven carnival.

yesterday afternoon, the Alibaba held a rural Taobao conference open up a fresh outlook at the Zhejiang Art Museum, conference to "village China" as the opening show depth image. Subsequently, senior vice president of Alibaba, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi, vice president of Alibaba, Taobao rural division general manager Sun Lijun, described as one of the three major Alibaba in the future strategy of rural strategy within one year of the development situation and future mode.

more than 6000 points a year to change the village point of rural ecology was

Alibaba officially launched last year, thousands of counties and villages program, and promised to come up with 10 billion years, in China, the establishment of rural e-commerce system in 1000 counties, 100 thousand villages.

Wu Minzhi introduction, for the entire rural strategy, Alibaba is more of a public interest to do a livelihood project. "China has 700 million farmers, the about 500000 administrative villages, for such a group to do something, is not easy, but also the most meaningful. Over the past year, the average every day, there are nearly 200 rural rural station opened, Taobao services through network, not only can let the villagers and the world more connected, more can improve the living standards of farmers, help local economic growth."

Wu Minzhi said that more and more young people want to return home to start the business, the current proportion of rural Taobao partner recruitment has reached 1 to dozens. At present, the country has more than more than and 10 million income partners, the ratio of more than $5000 partner close to 10%. National average close to 3000 yuan. I hope we can give these young people a stage, as long as they are willing to serve the rural distribution impulse, mind and vision, we can build bridges for them, a good service in rural areas, a good city service."

in the rural areas of Taobao and the partner’s efforts, more and more rural people to enjoy the cheap goods, the village aunt on Maybelline, the village uncle wore oversized shoes. Zhejiang Ling’an genglou village, every afternoon introduced to the villagers household appliances has become a part of the Taobao partner of Xu Yang’s life, and in this small village, the villagers had online shopping experience has reached 70%.


is changed and the rural ecological, before the conference of "village China" depth image show, 11 leading domestic photographers in the countryside of the corner.

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