Blue wheat electricity supplier CEO Gao Lei interview soil take the road to take a different network

soil risk network founder, blue wheat electric chairman and CEO Gao Lei recently busy busy on the stock exchange listing ceremony; busy with the Department of agriculture strategic cooperation, to create high-quality agricultural products in Zhejiang Province Museum and online agricultural fair; busy financing, recently completed the second round of financing will increase, 20 million yuan; busy command visits and investigation of businesses, for the user to supply safe, healthy and high quality agricultural products; busy updating earth take APP; at the same time, but also the way to busy to take a prize – awarded 2015 annual new Zhejiang "Internet agricultural innovation character".

April 5, 2016, the "youth times" published the 2015 annual new Zhejiang public list of candidates, Gao Lei among them; in May 10th, the "youth times" to "Agricultural Internet a brave" earth take "the title, Gao Lei won the new Zhejiang Agricultural Internet innovation figures reported in the.

now, let’s have a deep interview with the brave ‘dirt’.

Gao Lei Youth Times reporter interviewed

Gao Lei explained four major difficulties in agricultural electricity supplier

reporter: I see your appearance, is a very stylish man, and you do not seem to match the field of Internet agriculture


Gao Lei (laughs): one can’t judge, great minds can not be fathomed. On the surface, I look up at the starry sky; in fact, my heart clings to the earth.

reporter: I think you are very optimistic about the prospects for the electricity supplier of agriculture. But we all know that the agricultural electricity supplier is not good to do, I have heard of some well-known fresh electricity supplier business failures. What do you think of this,


Gao Lei: Agricultural electricity supplier is not good to do. If the electricity supplier to do a good job, maybe I will not do it. The more difficult, the more opportunities, I think so. I once played an example, agricultural electricity providers do, if we want to marry a daughter-in-law in the deep mountains and forests, to go into the car, the road is not smooth, can only be experienced all kinds of hardships, tramp over mountains and through ravines travel over land and water, home to marry her. However, the final outcome is: the bride married home!

reporter: in your opinion, what are the difficulties of agricultural electricity supplier


Gao Lei: I think there are at least four major difficulties.

is the first, national conditions and customs. I tell a story: a person to go somewhere to acquire jujube, after some investigation and negotiation, and eventually signed a big acquisition agreement, and pay a deposit, come to a few days before the acquisition date, price on the market suddenly rose 20 Fen, the house does not sell big big dates, prices do not do not want the goods away, what contracts are useless. You see, this is the Chinese conditions and customs. No matter what you do, the next line of business or commerce, are not open around the China conditions and customs. In agriculture, this problem is more prominent.

second >

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