Alipay denied that the two products will be on line treasure regularly

Beijing daily news (reporter Meng Fanxia) Yu Ebao of all kinds of treasure turned out quickly the concept of Internet financial hot speculation. Recently, there are rumors that Alipay two financial products on a regular basis to treasure horse Lantern Festival officially on sale. The yield of the product will be more than 7%, a period of one year. Yesterday, Alipay insiders denied the rumors to Beijing daily reporter.

according to market rumors, Alipay Technology Department has completed the internal test called Treasure regularly, and in February 14, 2014 officially on sale. Users can continue to choose 6.48% in the balance of treasure (January 26th data) of the annualized rate of return of 7, you can jump out of the balance of treasure to try other financial products with higher yields. Participate in the above periodic products may require a certain threshold, the first is to transfer the funds into the balance of treasure, which means that the appointment is successful and enjoy the benefits. Do not make an appointment can not buy; then, until the day of the Lantern Festival to buy a certain period of time, in each unit for sale, only 2000 copies per person. Beijing Daily reporter was informed that the current official tentative 1000 yuan per person, that is, the upper limit of a single investor participation of RMB 2 million yuan. The balance of treasure sisters will cooperate with the regular edition treasure fund, the South Fund, ICBC Credit Suisse fund five fund companies.

and Alipay insiders told the Beijing Daily reporter said, the balance of treasure two when the line, how the product form are currently unknown, with which several fund companies currently spread outside, are just rumors.

in June last year, Alipay launched the balance of treasure products, the first product innovation which is the Internet Co combined with the financial industry, 1 yuan to buy, ready cash consumption. Recently, the balance of treasure in January 26th every ten thousand motohi income has reached 1.695 yuan. The Spring Festival is approaching, many people started to receive the year-end bonus, from Alipay news shows, over the past 7 days, there are nearly 4 million people in the capital in the balance of treasure, this several times higher than usual. However, if you want to earn through the balance of treasure "pocket money" also need to step on time point. These people cautioned that the balance of treasure before 15 today, the funds can enjoy the full revenue during the Spring Festival, after the time of 15 to 30 days before the deposit of funds from the beginning of February 7th to enjoy the benefits.

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