Learn from Facebook social marketing 7 key points to get maximum user participation

with the popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs, users anywhere, such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have become a reality. So, when we use these social media every day when we have not considered the people at what time, what kind of news release in order to get the maximum user participation, the problem?


in this regard, the United States well-known technology media The Next Web days ago learned according to the statistical data as we reveal the "seven amazing facts Facebook unknown".

1 photo posts have a higher user participation

posts with pictures than with links, video or text content posts have a higher degree of user participation, and accounted for nearly 93% of the total share of the Facebook platform to participate in the highest post. According to the website monitoring tools Kissmetrics figures, with a picture of the post compared to those of the pure text posts will get more "like" (53%), the number of comments (104%) more and more internal links click rate (84%). Moreover, those who can only show the views on the image of the post is more popular.


at the same time, according to the local shopping search engine Wishpond data show that compared with picture post text posts have 120% higher user participation rate, and the photos post user participation rate is 180% higher than the former. But note that, in the same post upload photos to upload pictures alone compared to have better effect.

2 post the fewer words the better


released in the social network is not a streamlined post Twitter patents, because in the Facebook platform released 250 characters within the same post can also allow users to get up to 60% additional user participation. If you can post their own reduced to 80 words in it, you may even get user participation than those "high 66% posted a long and minute statement". From this point we can see that Facebook users seem to be more love "into the theme" post.

3 use emoticons to increase the number of users comments


if you think the emoticons are just teenagers, you’re wrong. According to the data given by AMEX Forum infographic OPEN, emoticons can effectively increase the user’s participation. It is reported that this kind of post can usually be >

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