Discussion on how to promote the website by using the word of mouth marketing

marketing, simply that there is an effect of promotion. Webmaster website, is constantly website promotion process, marketing, marketing website. For a long time, word-of-mouth marketing more and more publicity case let us be struck dumb, we in it a powerful propaganda means at the same time, also make good marketing effect in thinking about how to.

A5 forum bbs.admin5.com November 19th version of network marketing activities, invited master Zhan Peng – discuss "implantable word-of-mouth marketing" topic, this paper focuses on finishing version and share.

said today asked: "embedded" word of mouth marketing, please the guests to talk about what is called "embedded"


owners are often concerned about Baidu and Google Fengyun hot list, this is the trend, we must put this product into the potential, such as the movie into advertising, we do not love directly to see the ads, but love movies, sometimes in order to promote a product we want to rally, then take this potential, characteristics of implanted products.

asked: that is how the specific


: it’s a beginning to dig into the heart of people who want to express what they don’t have or don’t have time to express.

: it’s best to give an example of something more intuitive.

answer: for example, a Baidu employee was dismissed, he was very depressed, not the internet post, will go to sleep. You know, you can refine. And if you say Ali is the public relations, it should be refined, it is best to get a group of people to a group of adults. For example, XX mall fake, you can engage in an anti fake alliance. This is an example of business. For example, the state tax is very high, you can’t express, foreigners want to get a report on the issue of human rights event.

: I have heard say, such as many TV hero clothes is "Semir" accepted this TV series had lead to wear brand, this is the placement of word-of-mouth marketing. The website promotion of implantable word-of-mouth marketing is reflected in how? Just say how

campaign rally?Answer: the

campaign is the expression of a person’s inner expression without things, such as you today is turned up, you won’t see your post on the Internet, but smashed people are more likely to blog about it. We just saw someone who smashed. If that is not the viral TV shows him this dress is benefit or value. So, he meets the implant.

Q: can you talk about word of mouth marketing with the three tigers what is the difference?

: you mean the difference between a liar and a real user. You should have heard the network thugs. The word-of-mouth marketing has become the concept of network thugs, is the three into a tiger. Word of mouth marketing many people have heard that Google is relying on word of mouth marketing, because free of value. First, the product is good, to provide value to the user, and the user rarely express, so we have to refine the user’s point of view. Here comes the Internet Research

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