The car free for ten million B round of financing the official domain name is personality

love net ( November 11th news recently, second-hand car trading platform C2C Car Free announces $50 million B round of financing, capital source, Phoenix auspicious led, nine rich financial strategy with the investment, A round investors, funds, China latitude become Ming potential capital with investment. Enable the official website domain name is, has been on-line for more than a year.


car free website in 2014 July on the line, belonging to the Beijing Car Free Information Technology Co. Ltd is an innovative website focused on personal second-hand car trading through the internet. To provide a free onsite assessment, accompanied by the car, funds guarantee and warranty services business. After the car without the financing strategy to upgrade, launch buy service: free car and the seller agreed a repurchase price (higher than the car manufacturers and 4S stores offer), if the seller to sell the car, without commitment to the agreed price to repurchase the vehicle at any time.

, according to informed sources, this round of financing the car as early as two months ago to determine. In addition to financing information and upgrade strategy, the car in the core management on free upgrade — also before second-hand car brand chain hundred UCard founder Wang Jiukang joined the car without a partner.

car without official domain name is a combination of domain name, registered in May 2014. The "car" Pinyin + number "51" and "51," homophonic "worry free", and "car free" brand to win in character length and spelling domain, more concise. But the car free spelling domain has been registered in May 2014, the current whois information privacy protection has been opened.

recently, a lot of Internet platform will be registered or the acquisition of the car to enable the establishment of a combination of domain names. Similar to auto insurance worry, e car, E-Drive But the combination of domain name to good use, but also "Zoupian Jian feng". As the top three domestic car – recognized C2C market worries, all cars, car market. The car is the three official website to enable everyone to fight the domain name, directly corresponding to the company’s brand name; the original name was changed into the car market selling second-hand car seeds, the official domain name is from the original "car" to "seeds". All the cars and used car seeds are used in pure Pinyin domain name, domain name from the point of view, the same as the top three market car free domain name, is just a little bit worse. The tens of millions of dollars in financing, car free upgrade advantage strategy, will further efforts in the market brand promotion, will let the domain upgrade, the realization of "one-step", it is worth looking forward to.

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