Taobao Amoy a new version of the line a comprehensive adjustment LOGO and home


a new network Amoy logo


a new home Amoy network

DoNews February 23rd news February 23rd,’s independent search engine Amoy network ( version of the test quietly on the line, from the home page LOGO, page style, color, layout and other aspects of the Amoy a substantial adjustment.

The function of

, a new line of the Amoy start doing "subtraction", comprehensive search results and the original default in the input keyword search after the change to the goods, while the original "integrated search" change for the new shopping search.

Amoy a new version of the on-line LOGO and home full adjustment

had earlier media exposure on a new version of the page, and before the outside world out of the screenshot, a first version of Amoy were adjusted to LOGO, abandoned before the smiling face of a scouring and orange LOGO, variation of font "red Amoy" instead of the original Amoy LOGO.

home page, a scouring abandoned the more traditional search box is replaced by a new cabinet home Amoy magic array, including Baidu, GOOGLE adhere to the "home leaving only the traditional search box" was completely subversive.

search results by default import commodity search page


in the previous version of the input keyword search, the search results are led directly to the "comprehensive" page, and the revision Amoy in function is the biggest change to the search results directly lead to the "commodity" search page. It is understood that this adjustment is more to listen to the views of users after the test version, "users think Amoy network should play the advantage of Taobao, provides more complete products and the business information search results, in order to facilitate the user’s shopping online shopping decision, we do these targeted adjustments."

at the same time, a new version of Amoy for the convenience of users screened keywords brand, products, and launched its first three column navigation structure in horizontal navigation bar, the user can input and select attributes related keywords, brand and shopping, in the vertical navigation bar, mainly in the product category navigation the main.

shopping guide search do subtraction

in addition, Amoy this revision after another big change is to do a lot of subtraction, and special professional consumption engine closer. The original version of the old Amoy "integrated search" is renamed "shopping search", and the final results show the substantial reduction, only a few shopping information, forums, quizzes, web pages and other columns.

It is worth noting that

has been generally optimistic about the discount search from the column off the assembly line, according to a Amoy stakeholders, early in the discount search for testing, found >

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