How to use e commerce to promote the development of rural economy

The overall rise in the price of

products, farmers and rural areas can enjoy what in this context Chinese achievements in reform, China can use this opportunity to narrow the gap between the city and countryside, e-commerce is undoubtedly a good springboard. So what is useful in electronic commerce in the development of rural economy, in contrast to does not have the city industry and service industry under the conditions of the rural through the development of e-commerce model to


on the countryside, the highest exposure rate of vocabulary than the three rural issues. So, what are the key factors to solve the problems of agriculture, countryside and farmers? I think that only farmers are the key to solve the problems of agriculture, countryside and farmers.

new users will be in the whole process of farmers and farmers rallied in an exemplary role. First of all, the number of Internet users in rural areas is now close to one hundred million, the new farmers and Internet users have become an independent interest groups. Secondly, so many farmers become Internet users, is indeed an inspiring thing. Farmers can use the network to grasp the national policy, is conducive to the national agricultural policy implementation, is conducive to the development of the modern rural economy.

the development of the Internet so far, has been more and more people are familiar with, it is no longer a new thing. However, in some remote rural areas, the Internet is still very strange for them, for which the cognitive only stay in the Internet, chat, play games and work stage, while ignoring it brings us infinite commercial value. As we all know, China is a large agricultural country, through some of the data on the Internet, I learned that China’s rural population is close to 900 million, accounting for the national population of 70%; the agricultural population of up to 700 million people, accounting for the total population of 50.1%. According to the survey data on the display, the popularization and application of China network growth mainly occurred in the city, Internet users in the farming and water conservancy industry production accounted for only 0.76% of the total number of users, only 0.3% of users are farmers, 740 times the penetration rate of rural city popularity. In the rural areas of the digital edge, e-commerce will play its charm, solve the "three rural issues" to bring new vitality to the new countryside.

e-commerce in rural areas of the popularization and development of the great problems:

1, the concept of farmers on the Internet lag. In most areas of China, the cultural quality of farmers is low, the lack of basic understanding of the information network, not to mention the correct understanding of the value of e-commerce.

2, hardware infrastructure is lagging behind. The application of Electronic Commerce on computer and other hardware facilities can be implemented, but the computer for a large part of farmers in rural areas, is still not a small luxury, coupled with the limited level of technology, practicality is also restricted.

3, logistics facilities are not perfect. For agricultural products packaging, preservation, transportation and other special requirements are higher, there is no modern logistics system as a strong backing, e-commerce is difficult to carry out in rural areas.

e-commerce development so far, in the modernization of the city, the

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