How to improve the new model of website traffic Web2 0 environment

let’s take a closer look at this: where does the traffic flow from? What are the key factors? If you look closely at the background of the traffic analysis tool, you can basically be sure to come from two main areas:

is a search engine

is a social media (including community BBS)

what is the key factor to improve the flow of


is the content of the site itself

careful observation and analysis of the system data, but most of them are from individual pages. So according to the content and keywords for further optimization, add more professional content, the rest of the key is to enhance the keywords and external connection, in fact, enhance the keywords and external links, the main means back to the two aspects mentioned above "search engine" and "social media".

"outside the chain" and "social media"

said the chain now get well, it is not to find the method, many websites in the WEB1.0 era, is on the promotion of basic community forums, plus links to get, but with the forum audit strictly, this method is not too effective. In the WEB2.0 era, the biggest feature is the emergence of a variety of social media, they carved up the majority of the old community or forum traffic. In the 2 era, the need for new promotion methods:

The so-called

social media, is known as the happy net,, Sina micro-blog, is also popular in the small number of people in the world, such as watercress, muttering, but no matter how, (currently has almost more than and 60) see specific list below:


they all have a common feature, compared with WEB2.0, that is, close friends between their users a higher degree, a truly quality article is more likely to be popular in the internal area. If this is not intuitive, you can open their own happy net friends list, see any being reprint articles, according to the author’s experience of general post (shared) in the number of 5~10 million. So, how to use these social media, will be the key to further enhance the site traffic.

many site owners in the use of social media, but also stay in the traditional thinking, is a social networking site to manually submit their own links, so that not only time-consuming, but also can not be sustained. If you can make more effective use of social tools, not only to submit social media, also let visitors also help with social media submitted to what they know, will have a multiplier effect. And can form long-term habits.

, such as, the social promotion tool you can try to use it is very simple, just need to insert a line of code in the page can be. The advantage of this tool is that the site owners in their own push

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