Suning open platform officially started closed beta

news (reporter Zhang Qianyi) Suning also started a business platform. Reporter yesterday learned from Su ningyun, officially open beta Suning open platform before the initial line of more than and 300 brands.

Suning open platform marketing, logistics, finance, small loans, the generation of operational content as a whole, and these resources will be open to businesses." Vice President Su ningyun Li Bin.

but the specific details about Suning open platform has not yet been announced. Li Bin said that compared with the existing open platform, Suning platform in the business model is different, and the policy will be better than competitors.

In accordance with the previous

Suning released the 5 year plan, the display area in front of the consumer oriented future, each commodity information display in the final page, will be the spirit of "a multi product business, business appropriate" principle, for the user to focus on showing a list in the sale of businesses, but businesses will operate in the same commodity in accordance with the principle of merit, limit the number; the various businesses are selling products and related services and other content, will be completely fair opportunity. This is for the consumer decision-making process, it will reduce the corresponding selection pressure.

reporter learned that, for this reason, Suning will be settled for all businesses to strictly control the quality of screening. The first phase of the investment is not open to individual businesses, the presence of merchants must be at least a brand, or brand direct authorized regional dealers, in addition, including the localization of large integrated retailers.

In addition,

released an open platform for talent demand information also appeared in the major recruitment website. It is understood that, with the Suning open platform strategy in full swing, from the beginning of June Suning has released an open platform for recruitment information. Up to now, Suning has received more than 2 thousand resumes. Suning relevant person in charge, many of whom are from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other Internet Co employees, nearly 1/5 of CVS have more than 5 years of experience in the internet.

insiders said that with the domestic several major electricity providers have launched an open platform strategy, build a business platform site, charge platform fees, technical service fee, commission merchant, advertising fees, has gradually become the main mode of several major domestic B2C business enterprise to make money. At the end of last year, Jingdong and Tmall outbreak of the platform is a focus of controversy.

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