Snack shop is now closed down the merger is the best way out

appears in today’s booming e-commerce, with snacks B2C as the representative of a group of small e-commerce sites is to bear the brunt of the cost of a curtain call". The reporter learned yesterday, in addition to the 26 day closure of the sago net, a lot of snacks e-commerce website – Amoy network, love net, magpie picky net seventy-two snacks have been closed. The high cost of logistics has become a small electricity supplier can not afford to bear heavy.

bigger loss

yesterday, said Liu sago network CEO source told reporters, "snacks per kilogram of low value" caused by the logistics costs accounted for a large, becoming the bottleneck of its development. Sago net snacks only for the Beijing market, even so, still can not afford to high logistics costs. "Because it is cash on delivery, through courier charge is 10 yuan per unit, but often overweight, but also increase the cost of. We also do self built logistics, but the cost is higher."

Liu Yuan said that although the price of the sago net reached 80 yuan, gross margin of around 35%, but the high cost of logistics and labor costs, rent and expired food and other issues, let the sago net income. In a small scale, but also some profit, but the size of the bigger, personnel costs, rent is a big expense, almost all profits into the fold."

West network was founded in 2008, once the capital market to seize white-collar office snacks, its 2009 sales revenue reached 7 million yuan, the end of May 2010 when sales revenue has more than 6 million yuan.

difficult to break the logistics bottleneck

in addition to the sago net, the reporter found that many snacks are faced with the dilemma B2C. Known as the first domestic office snacks solutions provider Amoy magpie has been unable to open seventy-two yesterday; snacks network also has been unable to display the same page; B2C site Ding Valley snacks franchise network is closed; monopoly of imported food shop "super picky network" home "can be sold this site to hang out" the announcement.

previously, a senior COFCO has had an account, a single bottle of 280 ml yogurt LOHAS specifications, priced at about 4.5 yuan, a box of 12 bottles of weight up to 3.5 kilograms, if the third party logistics, freight city of about 15 yuan, accounting for the cost of the order to 1/4.

is the best way to merge or

B2C website play convenient card, so that consumers do not need to carry heavy objects to go home, but the high cost of logistics has become the bottleneck of its development. In this regard, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences e-commerce expert Zhao Jingqiao believes that the development of small e-commerce sites, the need for a more developed social logistics.

because of the high cost of self built logistics snacks, can only choose outsourcing. However, the current social logistics is difficult to do cheap, so the merger or rely on the platform is a relatively good practice." Zhao Jingqiao believes that e-commerce companies have begun to form a service system, such as operating platform, payment tools, social >

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