Anhui Yanhuang network survey was affected tens of thousands of Web sites

from Anhui Yanhuang network science and technology limited company of jurisprudence, Hefei City Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment is combined with the telecommunications sector to investigate the Yanhuang network, for the purpose of handling cases, Anhui Telecom departments have suspended the Yanhuang network room, resulting in Anhui province nearly 10000 website, unable to access.

The person in charge of

expressed dissatisfaction with the Hefei city key enterprise website, the gates of fire on the way. He said his website has been unable to use for two consecutive days, affecting the normal work of his business. He believes that the fight against the vulgar content of the Internet, service providers and telecommunications and other departments have the responsibility to kill it early in the cradle. He does not rule out the possibility of prosecution of the loss.

four am, Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co., a responsible person told the reporter that the company management for illegal information organic can take advantage of the event to the public apology, the company will carry out strict rectification. They are actively communicating with the telecommunications sector, for the early opening of the computer room, restore the company to provide access to the normal operation of the site.

It is reported that

, recently Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center an exposure of ten Internet service providers, Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co., Jiuyiwubaduo people because "video space" contains a large number of pornographic and vulgar bad information website access service has also been included in the list of exposure.

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