Twitter acquisition of re tweet domain name for sharp push escort

June 15th news: it is reported that the world’s leading social networking site Twitter has successfully acquired domain names, there are sources, the acquisition price of only $150. At present, the domain name has not yet used the site, Twitter said there is no intention to enable the domain name, the move is only for domain name protection strategy.

queries about, registered in February 2009, has now been renew until 2013, the domain name has been officially changed the name to Twitter.

Retweet is known as the "domestic users retweet, Twitter users to see interesting news to share links and forwarding, you must manually copy the original message to the message box, and then released in front of the input" RT "character, to show that this message is forwarded, this kind of behavior is called Retweet.

Retweet is officially launched in November 2009 by Twitter, after the domain name registration time, and the "Retweet" trademark application for registration is still in the stage, the Twitter chose to buy instead of arbitration.

on the other, Twitter was at the end of January this year acquired the British domain name, also use the domain name in June of this year officially launched the short URL service.

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