Online shopping mall in 2010 reached 1 billion industry financing

entered the final stage, the whole industry financing reached $1 billion this year, according to the latest data released by Analysys consulting, plus Jingdong mall last week announced the amount of financing, only in this year, China’s e-commerce industry financing has reached 1 billion US dollars, this is a crazy burn industry.

traditional companies are entering, they believe that the essence of e-commerce is not ‘electronic’, but they are very familiar with the ‘business’, so willing to try." President Lv Bowang is looking forward to consulting evaluation. "Don’t say we burn, these are the necessary upfront investment."

positive competition with the store

to buy land to build the logistics warehouse

if you do not know Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong, but just listen to his latest position on the company’s business, and sometimes, you will mistakenly think he is a real estate business. "We bought in Wuhan, Jiangsu, Suqian, the building is also under construction, in Beijing, we are building office buildings." Liu Qiangdong said.

and in fact, Liu Qiangdong is not doing any real estate investment, he just for the mall in the National Mall and call center location. According to the current development of the Jingdong store, an online mall is a hundred-percent "company", they build their own warehouse, do their own logistics, do their own customer service, in addition to a part of the online payment business, what they do, like to develop into a retail speculators "electronic" the.

moreover, Jingdong 3C, books and other markets continue to set off a wave of low-cost. "What we can say is that we have enough money to support it." Liu Qiangdong said, the current round of financing is currently credited to $500 million, has been listed twice the total financing of the two companies B2C two times".

is a lot of money to boost Liu Qiangdong staking, and challenge the offline store, we have launched the VIP user service, can be refined to show delivery by bike from your home in the distance, we will push a photo comparison service, is to compete with the store." Liu Qiangdong said.

rely on funds to promote

tens of millions of dollars just started

funding is the most important factor driving competition.

at the end of the book price war, Jingdong and Dangdang have cried out to invest 80 million yuan and $40 million slogan, which can not be separated from the financial support behind. In December this year, Dangdang listed financing $233 million, earlier, Mcglaughlin listed financing $129 million 170 thousand.

these are just through the channels of financing. In fact, by the way of venture capital, the electronic commerce website this year has to obtain financial support, including Eslite Lok, red child, dream bazaar,, excellent public network and so on, tens of millions of dollars just starting level, therefore, people begin to see more and more online mall advertising on CCTV "focal point interview" end after. Analysys International released.

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