WeChat open public number ads behind a closed trading platform prototype

WeChat in the user experience considerations, every step is very cautious. This month 7, the beta officially started, the bigger picture is the flow of information in the primary advertising WeChat public number. Now, both WeChat DSP, but also take into account the SSP (flow supply side), both slowly become a prototype of the trading platform.

commercialization of the road is the choice WeChat has to face.

days before (July 7th), WeChat officially launched the WeChat wide point public beta advertising services, the main contents include:

1, WeChat certified public numbers can become advertisers, advertising on WeChat platform;

2, more than 100 thousand of WeChat public numbers can become the main flow, through the display advertising revenue.

(that is, titanium media public number taimeiti WeChat can enjoy the above two beta service – editor’s note.


advertising investment amplification data, the current WeChat target

Another attempt to

the move is wide open at the bottom of the beginning of the year following the WeChat public test after advertising. In fact, WeChat advertising is the main beta quantity control flow at the same time, and to encourage more open public numbers become advertisers. The throttle is the main flow, open source is the advertisers, so you can avoid excessive dilution, number of public advertising resources during the beta dispersion.

The left hand is

advertising, the right hand is the traffic, is only in its internal circulation, WeChat wide point did not spend too much money and manpower to introduce external advertising resources or food internal electricity providers and other advertising resources, thus also solve the traffic supply before the face is not enough and the sources of advertising monotonous issues (I the "Tencent wide point, why do not want to unscrew the faucet" advertising resources mentioned).

this is the most critical advertising resources, only with a steady stream of advertisers resources, will attract more traffic owners to display advertising. To obtain data show a massive advertising click, click the Properties tab on advertising and different users of WeChat, which is WeChat open public beta advertising meaning.

because of the accumulation of different customers in different industries with different quantity of advertising data more and more convenient for next advertising for reference, optimization, have accumulated large amounts of data and analysis, it is possible to achieve accurate delivery.

but, in the end there will be many certified public number to become advertisers to early adopters? After all, for most of the public number, either as advertisers or traffic, including WeChat official, on trading in WeChat advertising data on precipitation, we are cautious, will be more cautious and even stop watching. And everyone’s willingness to put, put money, time and other aspects of the existence of many uncertainties.

, however, WeChat has finally taken an important step in the flow of advertising through the road, >

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