Celebrate Admin5 Trading Forum November 5th breakthrough new

            Admin5 Trading Forum of the latest information, the November 5th end of the transaction has exceeded 40 pens, so I represent all the Admin5 forum staff thank you for the support and trust of the forum. Admin5 is also gradually create a safe and convenient trading platform for people to get a better income. The winter is coming, but our webmaster passion has not diminished, for example, some webmaster webmaster domain name registration center to apply for a $1 CN domain name to find a free program, spend tens of dollars to buy a space, OK, such a simple website is made, the rest is to spend time wait for the promotion of Baidu included can sell for hundreds of dollars, so more efficient than pure advertising may alliance income.

            because Admin5 is the webmaster class website, gathered a large number of domestic webmaster friends. To make the website more healthy growth, income more and more rapid development is the wish of everyone, of course there will be a professional forum to support its growth, the ADMIN5 Forum provides a more solid support backing to everyone, all the essence of website, also more concentrated in the webmaster effort. At the same time also reflects the simplicity, let the webmaster friends can be more convenient to find the appropriate forum to do a website or domain name trading transactions, trading links transactions, you enter any one section found inside the information in a timely manner is very rich and very practical, in front of each title has a theme to show the post is what properties, such as purchase, sale, etc. to undertake the task, classification clear writing clearly, make people more aware of the humanized ADMIN5 station network management, for the owners to provide more direct and more intuitive user experience, to facilitate the exchange and development so that the forum can be better.

        webmaster website transaction process is divided into the following four simple steps, let you easily trade:

        the first step: the seller and the buyer to determine the time to contact the intermediary QQ, select a QQ number as a friend, told the agency to apply for intermediary transactions;

        the second step: the sale of intermediary party QQ multi person chat, the two sides simply negotiated the transaction overview and leave the name of both sides, telephone;

        the third step: the buyer to pay the transaction amount of the full +2% fee;

        the fourth step: the buyer to determine all the items received and the transfer is completed, in a multi person dialogue declared that the transaction is completed, >

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