Human flesh search times do not encourage the unknown hero

I was a IT reporter who was born in 60s. When is Lei Feng’s teacher education, we should do good, do good deeds also do not say, unknown hero.

in the IT industry for many years, are familiar with the many IT boss, from the relief, the boss of IT, the performance of the IT was born in 60s and 70s born IT boss, boss, they all have a kind of relief of the heart, but the form is different.

was born in 70s, military families of Marshal Wang Leilei moves quickly, the first time rushed to the disaster area, it is said that early helicopter to the disaster area.

was born in 70s, passionate Zhou Hongyi also went to the disaster area, and when the money has just begun, Zhou Hongyi himself donated 1 million news, has been in the major sites, each big forum spread.

I think this is right, in this era of human flesh search, every public figure will become the focus of their own donated money not to say, will only be scolded.

In some IT

boss was born in 60s, perhaps the "unknown hero" education has been ingrained, speak now, have become a belated effort.

May 20th Li Kaifu, a "national attention: Google and what I do?", a blog he personally wrote. A detailed description of the Google Corporation, Google products, and the opening of my relief operations.

almost at the same time, was a dollar door false news plagued Ma, had to put him in May 13th to donate 1 million of the news on behalf of the public. Then the human flesh search, it came in the last year, Ma with his own money, set up 2 funds, 1 million is a village teacher fund, the other one is launched and Qianjiang Evening News – saving fund.

unknown hero became a famous hero, I do not know whether these veterans of the 60s, miss Lei Feng era of the "unknown hero".

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