Li Yizhong Minister of the Ministry of industry criticized Google’s withdrawal from China irrespon


MIIT minister Li Yizhong

March 17th news, according to Reuters, Google spokesman said on Monday that the company is still China and related departments in the review of its search engine Chinese talks, companies still insist on no longer accept review..

is headquartered in Beijing, the Internet and IT consulting firm Marbridge Consulting CEO Mark · (Mark Natkin); Nutkin said that once Google announced that it would no longer accept review, then Google will not take action, Chinese related departments can not be changed.


challenge Chinese act two times at exit Chinese

two months ago, Google announced that it will no longer be in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese government to censor its Chinese website to review the filtered search results. Google has also been attacked by hackers, threatened to withdraw from the Chinese city often this news in the global business and political circles caused by shock.

this, and Google, like the United States, Microsoft Corp and Hewlett-Packard Co CEO are not agree, they insist on the world’s largest Internet market in favor of china. Intel relevant responsible person said, the company also suffered the same hacker attacks and Google, but will not withdraw from china.

, however, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has not received an application to withdraw from Google, and the event is also the official Google clarify false rumors and end.

recently, Google exit Chinese is a foregone conclusion that again. According to "Financial Times" reported that from one familiar with the idea of the headquarters of the Google sources, according to the Google and Chinese authorities review the negotiations into apparent impasse, Google off the search engine China the probability of up to 99.9%; and the "New York Times" reported that Chinese responsible for information management department has issued a notice on Google partner, asking them to make backup plan to deal with the Google search engine to stop censoring search results Chinese.

Li Yizhong criticized Google’s withdrawal from China is not responsible for its withdrawal does not affect the development of China’s Internet

for Google exit China, March 12th China and Google have what kind of consultation, the afternoon, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong at the three meeting of the eleven National People’s Congress collective Press Center said in an interview, whether to withdraw from the China in Google itself, but Google China must respect the law, otherwise it is not friendly and responsible, responsible for their own consequences by Google.

Li Yizhong believes that China’s Internet is open, according to the law for the management of the Internet is not unique to China, so there are a lot of things that do not lie in the Ministry of industry, but in terms of Google".

Li Yizhong said: "as for the previous paragraph Google some meaning"

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