Nets CN meters big run free

nets had a CN free registration activities, to get a few meters back in that mosquito in small meat, a piece of money is money. Hey hey

The following is the official said:


Since last year the national

CN domain experience, CN domain name has been ranked the world second national top-level domain, undoubtedly become the mainstream of the Internet domain name Chinese.

2008 Olympic event is coming, Beijing and thus the world’s attention, the Olympic Games to the world to create opportunities for understanding Beijing.

on the occasion of the Olympic youth network combined with fast money portrait launch CN English free registration experience, give you a CN, a communication with the world for your window. Echocardiography? Hurry up!

first open the active page:

enter your mailbox and verification code, apply for free registration volume. Log in to your email address and you will receive an email as shown below:

in the last step of the time to pay, enter your discount code, you can register for free CN meters oh.

I made a small, we can support ah, what is wrong please enlighten. Thanks ^_^

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