The domain name marriage History 16 climb matchmaking platform social domain

  dating sites become popular nowadays to make friends in places, this is the social field of flat micro-blog platform, the other a popular dating network, according to Alexa recently January dating website ranking statistics, 16 successful dating sites on the list, the 16 kinds of covering domain enabled Pinyin, English, creative, then to understand this simple 16 domain are those types.


figure: Alexa dating site recently ranked

marriage network is inseparable from the Pinyin domain name


is in the recent January Jiayuan dating website ranking topped, the number of users covered up to 2000, the website domain name "company" Larry, earlier Jiayuan site of the original domain name is, not only the user access memory and website promotion platform, after the takeover in 2007 and enabled the Pinyin domain name, Jiayuan also hold the CN domain name Then in 575 the number of users covered the cherished network, the domain name is "cherish" Larry, the domain name registered in 1998, has 13 years of history of the mainstream zhenai registration, cherish suffix has been registered.

list third is the same phonetic domain include, Lily network users 429 coverage ranked number third, lily of the domain name system, the domain name has been registered in May 2001, renew to 2021, Lily Baihe mainstream suffix.Cn/ is registered, Lily network business application of indirect value of the domain name, domain name products are you married. The website is ranked seventh on the list, the domain name registered in April 2010, in addition, ranked twelfth speed dating network is the Pinyin domain name, compatible with fast pairing of Italy, registered in 2004 with 7 years of registration time. Marriage site list on the Pinyin domain share of 5.

online ubiquitous creative domain name


creative domain with its unique network Idea in various fields in the popular, dating sites on the creative domain but also can be seen everywhere, in the list of creative domain occupies 8. Digital + Pinyin type Taonan network ranked fourth on the list, the domain name, is by the number 51 and Taonan Larry Taonan combined, the domain name registered in 2009, ranking eleventh of the absolute 100 website, the official domain name system, Yiyuan network ranked fourteenth, the domain name>

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