Discuz A5 combined and the waterproof wall story Essay submission will receive a A5 recommendatio



Admin5 webmaster network news: the Internet is flooded with a variety of illegal information, personal webmaster website and forum deeply troubled. Every day suffer from manually delete illegal information. A little bit of carelessness may be affected because of bad information site. And discuz, the emergence of waterproof wall for the site to clear the site of illegal information provided an effective solution. Recently, the country’s largest Discuz! Forum webmaster and network business information exchange platform Admin5 network owners to carry out my story and the waterproof wall "essay activities. Activity time is July 17th -7 month 31 days. The essay submission to A5 to get home recommended.

event organizer:


activity rules:

1, with "waterproof wall" as the theme, write an article on the use of waterproof wall experience or skills articles;

2, writing style is not limited, the article type can be pure text (words in more than 500 words), can also be creative cartoon pictures;

3, marked in the title "I and the wall of the story" as the entry mark;

4, this event only accept the original article, if non original verified disqualified.

[submission method]

step 1: the article will be released to Discuz! Official forum [waterproof wall] section (http://s.www.discuz.net/forum-3951-1.html), access to the article link;

Step two:

to # I and the waterproof wall story # as the topic of micro-blog, and @ Discuz! Official micro-blog (Tencent http://s.e.t.qq.com/zhanzhangzz; Sina http://s.weibo.com/2010zz, micro-blog may) must contain links to articles.

in order to provide a better platform for AdSense and showcase the original essay. Where Discuz! Forum submission of the essay, the author only need to Admin5 Adsense nets page (http://s.www.admin5.com/) registered members for submission. According to the provisions of essay submission through the audit, in accordance with the requirements of excellent articles available A5 show home page recommendation. Article allows you to retain the source link. Admin5 submission and selection will be by the A5 editor responsible for the whole triumphantly.

        marked on the bottom of your article please: Discuz! A5: I and the waterproof wall story prize essay, essay and attach a chain >

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